Breastfeeding support

When I was expecting my first child, I was convinced that breastfeeding as a natural way of feeding did not require any prior knowledge. Much to my surprise, however, I needed a lot of support and additional information during breastfeeding. I often found myself wondering if one or the other thing is normal. The situation was further complicated by myths surrounding breastfeeding and baby feeding, from which it was difficult to discern evidence-based information.

But soon I learned to love breastfeeding and trust a woman's body, and I want to help you on this journey from the bottom of my heart. I want you to feel supported and understood, which is why I always put your and your baby's well-being first. As a lactation consultant, I am based on your wishes and accept your choices, offering solutions based on my professional knowledge and experience. You are a good mother regardless of your choices!

I have completed breastfeeding counselor training based on UNICEF materials, several additional trainings, and I am a member of the Estonian Support Association for Birth and Breastfeeding (SIET).

Topics most often addressed to a lactation consultant:

  • proper latch
  • baby's low weight gain
  • increasing the milk supply
  • painful breastfeeding
  • pumping and storing breast milk
  • mastitis and other breast conditions
  • refusal of the breast
  • mother's diet during breastfeeding
  • starting with solids
  • weaning
  • chronic low milk supply

Breastfeeding support (home visit): 60 EUR (Tallinn, Keila, Lääne-Harju vald, Harku vald, Saue vald). Kokkuleppel tulen visiidile ka mujale Harjumaa piires.

Breastfeeding support by e-mail : 40 EUR (1 nädal) 

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