“Daisi, your care and support has felt like the warm meal at the end of my favorite children’s book “Where the wild things are”. You have made our journey a joy, helped us sleep peacefully at night, and helped us get food on the table – in more ways than one 🙂 Thank you for being a part of our family!

– Kaitie, Abe & Ellis

“Daisi has such a GOOD soul. Daisi is my postpartum support: she has been by my side as a lactation consultant, listened and gave advice on the baby's sleep issues, also pays attention to my health and is extremely sincere, warm, calm and helpful.
Daisi has good energy - it shows from afar how beautiful Daisi’s heart is. In meetings, she stays calm, listens, analyzes and never rushes to offer solutions; she is indeed deepening. Working with Daisi has already gone into my heart forever because she has helped me with the most important thing for me - my little baby.
Daisil on kahtlemata ees väga tegusad ajad – nii ilusaid inimesi märgatakse ja kõik tahavad sellistest ju tükki saada! Intelligente, siiras ja veelkord – nii soe! Selliseid sõnu ei ole emal olemas, mis saaksid anda edasi tänu, kuivõrd palju oskab aidata ema ja beebit”.

– Mia Liina L.

“Fantastic professionalism to approach concerns tenderly and give relevant, concrete and practical advice”.

– Janeli T.

“Bringing a doula into labor has been one of the best decisions of my life. Daisi helped tirelessly through all stages of the birth, giving me immense strength and a sense of security. Since it was the first birth, it was very nice that she motivated and encouraged my partner, who was also new to this whole process. The cooperation between the two of them turned out to be a fantastic tandem, and that's how we became part of one of the miracles of life early in the morning:) Thank you, Daisi 🙏💙"

– Maarja T.

Very helpful and nice lactation consultant😊 thank you for helping a little girl back to breast milk 🥰"

– Anu K.

I approached Daisi about giving solids. I got a quick but very thorough answer and I found peace of mind again that everything is fine. Really excellent thoroughness and analysis of a specific situation, not just sharing "textbook wisdom". I am very grateful".

– Elis B.

I am also grateful to all the families who have trusted me in the most special time of their lives. You can find more beautiful words and feedback on my FB page. FB kodust.

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