Doula Daisi


My name is Daisi, I am a mother, postpartum doula / postpartum care specialist and lactation consultant.

I’ve been always fascinated by the tremendous power that women have. However, I had no idea, what kind of emotional and physical endurance it takes to take care for a newborn 24/7. I hadn't noticed how everyone's attention turns to the baby, once the baby is born and how lonely can a newborn mum be in this situation. I didn’t know how vitally important it’s to support mothers by providing them practical help as well as warmth and care. Although I can say that my children opened for me the gates to the secret garden of boundless love, I must also admit that my birth as a mother has been the hardest lesson of my life. Becoming a mother showed me how much a woman can really carry if she is supported and what happens if she doesn’t have support group around her,


I’ve been certified as a doula and a lactation consultant at the Põlistarkuste ja Rahvaravi kool; completed the Postpartum Education and Care Professional training recognized by the Australian College of Midwives and I value lifelong learning.

2024 Kookonhoolitsus ja sünnitusjärgne kõhumassaaž (Koolitaja: Natalie Sanna)
2024 Loovteraapilised lahendused 1-6 a lastega (koolitaja A. Kiinvald)
2023 Postpartum Education and Care Professional (Newborn Mothers Australia, educators: J. Jones, A. Anderson, A. Stinton, K. Cortés)
2023 Toddler (0-6 years) first aid (educator: K. Laube)
2022 Maintaining and restoring mental health using music and sounds (Educator M. Vou)
2021/2022 Basics of children's massage (Educator M. Must)
2021 Parenting program Wonderful Years (Educators: I. Bachau, M. Bergström)
2021 How to help mother and child in difficult situations (Educators R. Raukas, Ü. Lember, M. Põldma and others)
2020 Weaning 2-3-year-old children (Educator Ü. Lember)
2020 Introduction of solid food (Educator R. Raukas)
2020 Kinesio taping (Educator L. Toots)
2019-2020 Doula, family and birth supporter, Põlistarkuste ja Rahvaravi Kool (Educators K. Mikko, I. Kaoküla, E. Piirimäe, K. Lillestik, Ü. Lember, R. Verlin)
2019-2020 lactation consultant training based on UNICEF materials (Educators Ü. Lember, R. Verlin)
2015 Therapeutic creative writing (Educator T. Kõnnussaar)
2012 Crystal Therapy (Educator E. Veismann)

Kuulun Eesti Sünnitoetajate Ühendusse ja Sünni ja Imetamise Eesti Tugiühingusse.

Want to know more about me? You are welcome (sorry, this podcast is in Estonian):

Podcast “Beebipalavik”

I want every woman to feel supported. Feminine wisdom and self-confidence can best manifest when a woman is supported and feels safe. The birth of a baby is a wonderful and unique event that results not only in the birth of a baby, but also in the birth of a mother, a father and a new family. A beautiful birth experience and the first months outside the womb, i.e. the fourth trimester, are the basis for a healthy child, a healthy child is the basis for a healthy society.

Dear mother, you are on this journey just several times. You need and deserve as much support and care as your baby. Value this wonderful time, value yourself!


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