Give your loved one a gift card with postpartum support / breastfeeding advice 

(In Tallinn, Keila, Harku, Lääne-Harju, Saku, Saue)

Gift cards are available in different amount of support:

1 x 2-hour visit (e.g. for breastfeeding advice): 50 EUR

2 x 2-hour visit: 100 EUR

4 x 2-hour visit: 200 EUR.

Text on the gift card:

When a baby is born, so is a Mother.

Allow yourself to be cared for and receive this gift, which includes a __ two-hour visit by a postpartum doula to provide comprehensive support for you and your baby.

To arrange visits and for additional information, write: or call 5198 0345

Doula Daisi


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